Visual Artist Young Min Koh, A Series of Women's Portraits( 고영민)

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Visual artist Young Min Koh  (고영민 작가)

Young Min Koh (고영민 )


2019 MFA, Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA

MFA, Fine Arts, Graduate School of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

BA, Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea



2018 Healing New York Deli, Pop-up show, West 21 Deli and Grocery Corp., New York, NY, USA

2005 Happy Printings, Solo show, Gallery Bom, Geyounggido, Korea

nstallation view(yellow and red background paintings), Group Show, DCTV, New York City, 2019


     2019 It Could Be You: Portraiture in a Constructed World, Juried Group Exhibition, Equity Gallery, New York, NY, USA(Forthcoming)

Now That’s What I Call Love, Curator: Drea Cofield and Gaby Collins-Fernandez, DCTV, New York, NY, USA

Open Studios, Group Show, School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts, New York, NY, USA

2018 Open Studios, Group Show, School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts, New York, NY, USA

Summer Residency Open Studios, Group Show, School of Visual Arts Summer Residency Program, New York, NY, USA

2017 Open Studios, Group Show, School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Arts, New York, NY, USA

   2005 Seoul Printing Art 2005, Group Show, ToPo House, Seoul, Korea

Self-portrait in Two Genders I, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 60x48 in.

Young Min Koh (고영민)is a visual artist who lives and works in New York City.  She was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She has exhibited

her works nationally and internationally, including the United States, South Korea, China, and Japan. She previously mounted three solo

exhibitions and many group exhibitions. Recently she presented new works at DCTV(Downtown Community Television Center), New York


Portrait of Young-za Lee I, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 36x40 in.

She earned MFA from School of Visual Arts. She also holds an MFA in Printmaking from Seoul National University. She expresses her own concepts and techniques in the background of Korean culture and history, and has received a reputation as unique portrait painter in the United States.

Portrait of Young-za Lee II, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 40x36 in.

Young Min (영민)said that

“The catalyst for making this work is my own personal experience and interest in portraits. One day, I was looking for formal women’s portraits for references to use in my portrait painting, but I couldn’t find any in Korean history. Finally, when I did find a few women’s portraits, they were the exceptions, not the rule.”

Homage to Dürer I, 2018, Oil on canvas, 60x40 in.

“I was very angry that women didn’t even have the power to have portraits, and I decided to paint female portraits to compensate. I chose to paint portraits as a direct resistance to the patriarchal artist tradition.”

Young Min Koh in her studio

Also, she said that

“Through portraits, I elevate and empower women. I visualize women as monumental and confident like historical male figures. All the characters in the portraits are smiling with confidence and wearing traditional dresses worn by the royals during the Joseon Dynasty. It is meaningful as a reward for a woman who lived in the era when discrimination against women was the most severe in Korean history.”

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